Boka boende


Built to the Sound of Clattering Hoofs

The building of Crystal Plaza Hotel is around 120 years old and was constructed during two stages: in 1896–1898 by architect Lars Johan Laurentz (1851–1901), and in 1907–1910 by architect Carl Alfred Danielsson-Bååk (1872–1967).

Permanent artwork inside the hotel, in the form of stucco and wall paintings, are made by Alice Maria Nordin (1871–1948) - a Swedish artist whose work also can be found at The Royal Swedish Opera (Operan), as well as The Swedish National Theatre (Dramaten). Due to its culture historical value, both the beautiful Art Deco main entrance of the building and inside stairwell are protected by law.

Since its inception, the building of Crystal Plaza Hotel has functioned as a hotel, why the interior has been changed by different management over time. The last full refurbishment took place in the 1990s. A new exciting stage of the building's history started 2015; a renovation with the aim to restore the hotel to a style in line with the building's original design.

Originally commissioned by the Swedish YMCA (KFUM), the hotel was built to cater to the needs of young, single Christian male travellers in the buzzing capital city. Society has changed over time, and so has the hotel. Today Crystal Plaza Hotel welcomes travellers from all over the world, of any gender and age.

Images from the Archive
Hotel Excelcior, the building's first hotel. Photo: Ferdinand Flodin circa 1890-1925. Birger Jarlsgatan 35-39, street images. Photo: Kasper Salin circa 1898-1904.

Source: Stockholms Stadsmuseum